Meet Cherrelle Townsend of Shop With Cher Co.

Friends! Grab a cup of coffee and be inspired by the soul watering:

Cherrelle Townsend

Cherrelle is a talented writer, content creator, and a powerful storyteller. She is a true creative at heart and very involved in her local church on the Media Production Team.

She runs a popular Etsy shop selling mugs with inspirational messages: 

 ShopWithCherCo | Etsy 

I absolutely love the mugs she has designed and am getting lots of enjoyment from her products!

Focus on the Word of God

Sipping coffee and meditating on God’s word makes for a great combo. These two mugs from Cherrelle’s Etsy shop are rotating on my home office desk. 

Push through daily challenges by taking a deep breath and :

Meditating on the Mug Messages 

No weapon formed against me shall proper…

Isaiah 54:17

For I know the plans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

Jeremiah 29:11

As you know, behind every person and every business is a story. I asked Cherrelle a few questions to peel back the layers on how she got into this space.

Why did you start selling inspirational mugs?

First, I love coffee and I would always share my coffee in my Instagram stories. I would get DMs asking me where I got my mug from so one day, I thought maybe I should create my own mugs. So, I asked one of my friends to help me figure out how to do it. Lucky for me, she is a designer and agreed to help me with getting the shop set up and designing the mugs. Six months later, ShopCherWithCo was launched.

What impact do you want your mugs to have on customers?

I want customers to enjoy their favorite beverages in a mug they love. My goal is to inspire every person I encounter with a message of love, hope and joy.

Which mug is your current favorite? And best seller?

I love all of them! Seriously, it is so hard to pick a favorite! Every message on each mug was carefully thought about and selected because they are messages that I personally stand on and believe in.  The Black, Bold & Rich Mug is the top seller which is exciting because this was the mug, I was most excited about when I launched. I came up with the message at random one day. 

For our collective benefit, Cherrelle has a plethora of mug selections and continues to add new designs that are edifying.

ShopWithCherCo | Etsy 

Elevate your home, mind, and soul by shopping her store. Cherrelle has kindly created the custom coupon code, MARI22, for you to receive 10% off any order! This offer is valid through March 31, 2022.

Cherrelle currently resides in Dallas, TX.

To keep up with Cherrelle, follow her journey on her Instagram Accounts – @cheroprah & @shopwithcherco_ .

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