The Epic Egg Drop Experiment

The fam bam & a young neighborhood friend had an:


On a hot summer day that was lacking in shade -> ugh, if only we had us lemonade! No big deal – it happened to be National Ice Cream Day so we cooled off with  waffle cones stuffed with cookies n’cream!

We were so glad these snacks were on the scene after:


What did we do? Well, let me tell you! Woo Hoo! We dropped (more like aggressively threw) ->

Eggs Out The Window

There wasn’t much of a mess because we were all trying to pass a test! The challenge being to use materials we could find to protect our precious eggs!!! My boys were all for it as their Dad promised them each a $10 Robux gift card if they could keep their egg from cracking! I jumped in on the fun and we all got to crafting our:

Egg-stravagant Landing Devices

These were our super rough documented guidelines. I’m teaching the kids to get requirements and business deals in writing so folks can cut down on unnecessary “He Said, She Said” fighting. This certainly helped!

We had 1 hour to craft & were sooo pleased with our hand crafted devices! Don’t take my word for it! 

Examine Our Egg-spression

Left to Right: 1. EJ The Bacon Boy, 2. Creative Caleb Chronicles, 3. Happy Camper Charlotte
4. Be Egg-cellent Lonisa Mari

The eggs-act launch video will load to the world wide web shortly!!! Stay tuned for the results!

Lonisa Mari’s egg was naturally fashioned, affirmed with love, and covered in the blood of Jesus.
Never Give Up!
5. Josh’s Codename: Chlorophyl 2.5

In the meantime, I’ll give you a hint so you are not left on the edge of your seat!!!

After 2 throws ( I mean drops LOL)

  • Three of us had eggs that said “You Crack Me Up” -> SPLAT
  • Two of us had eggs that were not “Yolkin’ Around” -> IN TACT

Let’s play! Which of us had eggs that were not Egg-splosive after the two throws!?! Pick two.

  1. EJ The Bacon Boy
  2. Creative Caleb Chronicles
  3. Happy Camper Charlotte
  4. Be Egg-cellent Lonisa Mari
  5. Codename: Chlorophyl 2.5 Josh

Come on hun! Join in on the shellebration fun, don’t Eggs-it (I know you have puns!).

The limited edition “The M.A.F.I.A.” collection was created by Lonisa Mari & available for purchase.

Time for the egg-citing reveal! Happy Camper Charlotte & Be Egg-cellent Lonisa Mari – survived 2 tosses! Thanks for playing!

Get Yolked ,

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