Target Hits The Bullseye

I have a confession. I’ve been wanting to get this off my mind for quite some time.

Target Gets Me

Every single visit when I exit – I exclaim:

This Is It!

Then a few days later… I’m back crossing all the red lines and shouting:

This is LIT!!!

Target is legendary – which is why they:

Get All of Me Weekly

I’m talking “John Legend – All of Me” level. Yes – it is that serious!

In the parking lot, I have a prep meeting with the kids to let them know the mission:

Kids, I am JUST getting this Item. That’s It”

We walk in aligned, but in nooo time… ->I start browsing the Bullseye Playground. That is when the kids start putting their foot down:

“Mom, You’re Getting Off The Mission”

I always tell them…I know…I know. Then I silence them by paying them off BAHAHAHAHA – you get a $1 item! you get a $1 item. My own budget friendly Oprah style flex!…Then BAM – I’ve gone from the front of the store to the jewelry section. This is where I get my:

Sugar Fix

The kind that doesn’t leave a cavity! After the kids sense my enjoyment – their inner radars start blasting & they are back on me. -> Mom – noooooo no more earrings – we have to get that:

One Thing

Well, Public Service Announcement -> Today I got that One Thing…. and like 15 Other Things! Not my fault I’m committed to:


To make it all the better. On my way to say “Bye” ->Target caught my eye with a delightFULL greeting card display.

I spy no lie! 🙂

The cards made me feel lighter about my anticipated purchases :), life, and encouraged my spirit.

I recorded myself reading them to create visual art without adding the cards to my cart!

The ultimate cherry topper was:

A Checkout That Yielded Not a Single Pout

I was gifted the experience of:

Alejandro, Waukegan Target Cashier

He was incredibly kind and rocking a t-shirt that deserves to flood all the timelines!

Take Action.

I asked if I could take a picture & this is what he did naturally!

Gotta’ Try This Pose!

My kind of human! Flowin’ and Goofin; around!

My 6 year old picked up a Pikachu stuffed animal while I was shopping – I did not want to purchase the Pikachu today. Alejandro took the Pikachu in a friendly manner and exclaimed “I do Magic!”. Alejandro did a phenomenal magic trick by making Pikachu disappear without breaking my 6 year old’s heart. Then he recommended a brewery that does magic tricks! He quickly pulled out his phone, looked up the brewery, and allowed me to take a photo of his screen.

This is what serving others looks like. I hope to check out Wizard Works Brewing Company in Milwaukee.

On this thankful Thursday (8.11.22) I am thankful for Target:

  •  Providing affordable products that assist me in leveling up my home & education tools
  •  Displaying greeting cards that make me pause & give applause
  • (BEST FOR LAST) – Employing amazing humans like Alejandro who take the time to connect with those waiting in line – helping customers to know that they will be just fine come rain or shine.

Ya know, I’ve never completed a Target survey, but today is the day I visited It’s important to commend establishments & humans that serve and love others well. Feedback is a gift & that my friends is a target we cannot miss.

Let the record show that this is why Target hits the Bullseye! Keep that receipt.

Thank You Target,

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