Letter From A Florist

This past weekend my home had:

Rooms Filled With Blooms

I partnered with Urban Blumz, a Detroit based florist, to create wedding arrangements.

The unfolding of the petals inspired me to create a lush scene with a matching letter!

Aug 2022 Hutson Wedding Blooms


I have a confession.

I’ve been feeling blue as I cannot get over Hue.

He plucked my strings, made me blush, then fled the scene!!!

Next time he sees me, I’ll be on top of a magazine rocking denim jeans.

He’ll surely reach out with a pout – upset he didn’t get a shout out.

When he asks for a post-bloom handout I’ll simply state:

I Don’t Have Anemone

Now tell me, Have you handled your thorns?


Love, Lo

Created by Chicagoland Florist, Lonisa Mari.
Featuring Roses & Anemone.
Plucked with Poise

Floral artistry is a Lonisa Mari specialty. If you have an upcoming event that requires scented shock & awe, send an inquiry email to contact@lonisamari.com.

Bloom BeautiFULLY,

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