The First Day Of School 2022-2023

Summer is simmering down and the fall breeze can be seen in the trees. Which for the typical family means:

More Morning Fusses & Loading Yellow School Buses

This year without a tear, my family and I embarked on a new journey!

The kids have been enrolled in:

Living On God’s Overflow – Adventure Academy

Huge thank you to the Graphic Designer, Lexis Young.

In this homeschool, we learn to keep God first, expand our minds & sharpen our skills through immersive learning, and:

Grow On An Adventure

The kids have leaned into this change and have been excited about this shift to:


Our first official day of the 2022-2023 school year was on Tuesday, September 6th!!! 

Labor Day felt like the “Night Before Christmas”! As my family slept, I pulled out the tucked away boxes and transformed our main area -> until there was a:

Huge Smile On My Face

The kids came downstairs on the first day of L.O.G.O. Adventure Academy – amazed at our:

Adventure Launch Pad

Then we ate the “DONUT Stress – Do Your Best” goodies from Lee Famous Donuts!

We took our -> official first day “Jammie Party” pictures:

The boys were immersed in creative box construction & jammin’:

Then, we took our first day “Ready To Play” pictures:

Let Your Light Shine
Learning Time

Following this, the “Class Met At The Glass” for our Morning Mission Meeting:

Once we got the plan for the day we shifted to textbook time (Math, Language Arts, Science):

Afterwards, we took a book break for a Lunch N’ Learn:

Kicked off our mushroom science experiment that was purchased from #aldi:

We created fall art using kits from #dollartree:

After making a mess, we cleaned up our space and departed for world exploration at a

sand pit:

The day was loaded with love and overflowing with goodness! We surely raised the roof!

I appreciate you taking the time to enjoy this visual First Day Of School gallery!

I look forward to sharing more as we explore!!!

Special thank you to:

  • The Amazon Delivery Man that dropped off crucial to the mission packages at 9 P.M. on Labor Day (the night before school)!
  • Sky, at Lee Famous Donuts in Libertyville, for packing up the donut treats and encouraging me on this journey!
  • The Starbucks Drive thru server (Buckley Rd) for being kind and serving me my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte of the school year! 

Growing On An Adventure,

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