2022 Johnson Jungle Jack O’Lantern Competition Results

Hey Boo! How kind of you to pull on through for the:

Grand Reveal

It’s time to showcase the real deal:

 2022 Fab-BOO-lous Pumpkin Carver!

The Annual Johnson Jungle Jack O’Lantern Competition was birthed in 2014 and continues to level up each year. It started off with our core family unit and has expanded to include extended family and some years -> friends. 

This year, I spiced up the festivities by requiring the 3 competitors to pay a $10 entry fee! 

Left To Right: Pumpkin A, B, & C

Isn’t that nice?!?! The 2022 winner earns 365 days worth of bragging rights &

A Cash Prize

Okay, don’t throw a fit! Let’s get to it!!!

The 2022 Johnson Jungle Jack O’Lantern Competition Winner is:

Congratulations Lexis Young! You have been crowned champ 2 years in a row!!!

Way to carve your own path – now, enjoy the aftermath! 🙂 Your pumpkin embodies “Go Big or GOURD home”! #squashgoals

Huge thank you to the competitors that were beat down to pumpkin pulp! Despite being hollow inside 🙂 -> Cheer up, take the hard gulp, & try again next year!!!

To the voters – I appreciate you joining the fun and weighing in on the outcome!!! 

Stay Gourd-geous this AWW-ctoburrrrrr!

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