The Magnificent Golden Haven

My absolute favorite season hands down is:


It’s the time of year where I am constantly in awe. The trees make a glorious transformation, displaying breathtaking bold hues that were hidden from our view!

My eyes are glued to their beauty! When driving I have to remind myself to not look too far to the left or right in amazement! I point out to my family nearly every tree that stands out to me like I am a three year old making a first time discovery. Every tree is a sight to see!

Isn’t That How We Should Strive To Be?!?

I do not want to live in a hazy daze where in your face simple treasures are buried beneath the pile labeled: Unfazed By The Ancient of Days. I am constantly scanning the horizon with a signal stronger than Verizon -> ready to be amazed by the goodness of God! 

I have found that this way of being yields a plethora of jaw dropping moments! Such as this weekend, when I left my house exclaiming “ I’m going outside to play!”. I biked a path covered with classic:

Skittles Taste The Rainbow

colored leaves. Every wheel rotation triggered a never ending candy wrapper crunch!!! As I munched away…. I mean pedaled :), my heart felt revived!

I was tricked into the ultimate treat when I made a quick visit to Independence Grove, a local forest preserve. I was in my Sunday’s Best wearing gold opened toed heels, my attempt at hanging on to this second summer. I kicked my heels off and dashed to the edge of the forest, however, the beauty of the:

 Foliage Beckoned Me Further!

I waved and yelled “ Come Over Here” to my family as if I had stumbled upon:

Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket!

My soul anxiously anticipated their arrival. I desperately wanted them to experience this promised land. I feared that the rich foliage would disintegrate into dust before they drew near. 

They gasped on sight!

I quickly ran back to slip into my gold heels before immersing myself in:

The Magnificent Golden Haven

In the presence of this creation, my senses were elevated and cents made insignificant. 

May The Lord Be Magnified For his Beautiful Handiwork!

O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together.” Psalm 34:3

My life before resting beneath the golden canopy did not matter.

I dreamed of having a private estate hidden on lush vibrant land like this. Waking up to crisp air, swaying with the trees in my Cracker Barrel Rocking Chair, sipping coffee from my favorite Living On God’s Overflow (L.O.G.O.) mug – enjoying the provision of my maker.

I wanted to stay and invite my friends to play! So I did. I started building a home right away. Just kidding! 🙂

I returned the next day with a couple homeschooling mamas and their kiddos! I led them to this sweet honey land. Seeing them in amazement filled my bucket. Our children could not be contained, they climbed over logs and explored!

We all wanted to bottle this moment.

Who ever knew that letting go of the former season and falling into transformation, would yield such beautiful outcomes. The decay was decadent and made all other pursuits irrelevant!

I encourage you to stare at the foliage around you before the trees are stripped bare. Leave your cares behind, you will be amazed at what you find!

Stay unbe-LEAF-able, 

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