Be Dazzled: Button Up Tube Top Hack

You are a wonder! I pray you never have to ponder if that is true. You are a luminous sight to behold on your dark days and nervous nights!

Darling, You’re Dazzling

Forgetting to dress as such is easy when trying to make sure you and your loved ones have food to munch!

Listen, I get it. My days are spent learning alongside my 3 young children, being a home-maker, and adventuring in my CRV. Nevertheless, I believe that even in the mundane-> we can carve out our own:

Fashion Lane

One of my go to styles is rocking buttons ups like a:

Tube Top

I place the button up above my bust and begin buttoning at about the 3rd to 4th bottom from the top – the spot below where’d they pop. Then I tie the long sleeves under my bust so it’s a:

Top I Can Trust  

No nip slips, puhlease! 🙂

Thankfully, this is a style that can be worn in all seasons. In the chillier months, I wear a short or long sleeve shirt under the DIY Button Up Tube Top.

I had fun playing with this concept by styling a “Blessed” short sleeve shirt under my DIY Button Up Tube Top!

Blessed by the best! DIY Button Up Tube Top.

I love how the word BLESSED was visible. This truth was reinforced by the love my first born displayed when crafting with our Lake County Homeschooling Co-Op! 

Fall crafting with the kiddies.

After painting pumpkins with his siblings, he created a:

Bedazzled Hair Accessory 

Ohhhh-weeeee, he creatively equipped his mommy to shimmy with style in these streetz!

Hair Accessory crafted by Creative Caleb

No one could pop my bubble after receiving this eye candy crush!

Playing while waiting on the trouble train to clear our lane & make way for triple blessings!

When you give the DIY Button Up Tube Top style a go – tag @lonisamari on social media! I’d love to be your fashion fan!!! Grab looks like this while you can at the Lonisa Mari Poshmark Store.

Dazzle Darling,

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