Fall Activity: Candy Bar Graph

Over the weekend, my family and I had some:

C.I.Y. Fall Fun

Create It Yourself Fall Fun

We hopped in the whip, bowled with a couple friends, and did a dance outside the alley!

Ya girl made it:

Candy Rain 

In the motha lovin’ parking lot! The kids danced outside my car with grocery bags while I tossed them candy and treats! We had soo much fun creating a special memory! The kids had such a blast that they asked me to do this annually! 🙂

My kiddos quickly claimed their candy spots at home. They began sorting candy piles and counting their stash. Then it came to me:

Let’s Create Candy Bar Graphs

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Never have I ever in all my years done this, but aye we’re writing our own rules. Clearly.

The boys hopped on the assignment by:

  1. Watching a short YouTube video on bar graphs/charts
  2. Sorting their candy into piles
  3. Counting their candy piles and documenting their candy counts
  4. Charting their candy totals on a multi-colored stacked  bar graph
  5. Age Appropriate Bonus: Creating candy bar graph digitally( ex. Microsoft Excel, Google Docs)
Candy Sorting

Candy Data Table

Candy Data Table

These are the results of the :

2022 Candy Rain Bar Graph Assignment

2022 Candy Rain Bar Graph/Chart Results

Creative Caleb’s Candy Bar Chart – Fourth Grade

2022 Candy Rain Data Tables

elecTRICK Elijah’s Candy Chart – 1st Grade

When the neighborhood kids came to play one of my son’s showed off his candy bar graph. It made me smile and feel the effort was worthwhile. We’ll get another day of learning from this activity when I ask them questions that require them to use their graphs. (It aint’ evaaaaa ovaaaa!!!)

When you give this activity a try – please let me know the outcome! I’d love to do a candy rain dance for the occasion!

Treat Yo’ Self,

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