Beaded Bracelets by Creative Caleb

Join me in giving a round of applause for:

Creative Caleb

This 9 year old entrepreneur has diligently worked to launch and grow his:

Beaded Bracelet Business

Prior to leaping into entrepreneurship, he visited our local library to check out  “Kid Start-Up: How YOU Can Become an Entrepreneur”. This book , co-authored by Mark Cuban of Shark Tank, laid out the business blueprint and triggered Caleb to spin his own:

Wheel Of Fortune 

NOW, before you get all excited and pass this phenomenal news to your friends. I want to openly share an issue that I have encountered as Caleb’s business coach:

One Bracelet Is Not Enough


I started off purchasing a cute Mom bracelet and now have purchased custom bracelets shouting out each of my kiddos!

Check out what has happened to my wrist!!! 

The next time someone asks me, “How Many Kids Do You Have?” – I’m just going to:

Flick My Wrist

I love that Caleb creates bracelets with bold messages! He has designed bracelets that read:

  • Be Kind
  • Got Grit
  • Keep On Fighting

Caleb’s bracelets have been getting shipped out of state and he has had repeat customers – all within one month of launching!!! This is good soil.

Bracelets are $2 each plus $6 shipping

Orders can be placed by sending an email to or by sending a message to the Lonisa Mari socials. These bracelets make great gifts and holiday stocking stuffers. 

Stay stacked,

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