Vision Board Wellness Wheel Party

Aye, It is a New YEAR! Let’s stay in good cheer!

2023 Is A Year of Celebration

I pray that 12 months from now we can look back and say “I consistently partnered with the Lord to be the best version of me”!

This month, I am leading the weekly January adventures for our Lake County H.O.U.S.E. Homeschool Co-OP (ILLINOIS H.O.U.S.E.)! 

The first one was Thursday, January 5th. I led the co-op through a Vision Board Party based on the wellness wheel.

It is important that we take time to evaluate our lives and fix our vision. Many times I have seen vision boards focused on our material wants and appearance. These are great, however, it is important that we fix our gaze on

Total Wellness

To set the example, I created my own vision board based on the following 8 areas:

  • Calling/Career
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Environmental
  • Financial
  • Intellectual

When one or more of these areas is lacking we fall flat, functioning like a lopsided ball. To thrive we must establish healthy support systems that inflate our core so we can function in the realm of more!

Community is the key

The 2 hour Vision Board Wellness Wheel Party included growth mindsets, snacks, relaxing music, & lots of magazines!


I got a good laugh out of the vision boards my children created! Their dynamic personalities definitely shined through the magazine clips adhered with glue!

Creative Caleb
ElecTRICK Elijah

Friends, I encourage you to jot down what bubbles up for you in each of the 8 wellness wheel areas. Grab some yummy treats, turn on your jams, and shake your hips while you gather magazine clips! Your growth & wellness is of great value.

HUGE thank you to the ladies that dropped off magazines for this session. I received magazines at a Dollar Tree meetup, the Target Customer Service section, & at my doorstep. Such an outpouring of love! I had more than enough and returned home from the event with an overflow of cut up magazines! Endless gratitude.

Stay Focused & Well,

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