Walk The Runway: Fashion Show

May we wake up each day equipped to:

Own This Moment

Yes, the present is filled with uncertainty. Leaning into the unknown is uncomfortable. Nevertheless, through Christ we can overcome anything that comes our way (Phil 3:13)! Let’s press forward with our heads held high! 

While we refresh our mindset – we might as well:

Make Sure Our Outfits Are Set

That’s exactly what we practiced at the:

2023 LHOUSE Co-Op Fashion Show

Students prepared for this activity by selecting their own outfits and developing talking points to present “the why” behind their creative expression. Teachers (mothers) were encouraged to join the fun!!!

Our weekly space was transformed using painted signs, lights, balloons, table cloths, and banners.

I kicked off the fashion show and set expectations with the models:

  • Support each model with cheer & applause
  • On your turn, tell the host your favorite song (optional)
  • Exit the space and boldly re-enter from the doorway while your favorite tune plays
  • Walk, skip, hop, and/or sashay down the runway
  • Stand at the “Own this Moment” sign & take a deep breath 
  • Turn, strike a pose (if you dare), & speak to the group about your outfit, answering questions from the host
  • Move your happy feet down the runway and back to your seat! 🙂

I sensed nervous energy so I asked the group “Are you nervous?”. We all confessed – YES!

After admitting that I was also nervous, I reassured them that they were not alone and that we all were going to shine at center stage speaking about our style.

As the lead, I demonstrated the set expectations by walking the runway first. 

The models followed suit and put on a spectacular show!

Everyone in attendance courageously owned the moment!

We celebrated the accomplishment with our own version of an “after-party”. Using post-it notes, we uplifted each other by writing words of encouragement and sticking them on each other. Our style and mindset was instantly upgraded! Many of us saved these mindful moment markers.

I highly recommend this activity to educators and coaches!

Congratulations Lake County LHOUSE Co-Op!!!

I look forward to hosting more fashion shows in the future.

Stay smilin’ & stylin’,

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