Floral Design: Barbie Blossom Bash

I recently led a floral design class for homeschooled students. I had left over blooms and did not want them to go to waste! So I set out to:

Flip The Florals

Think Pink!

A Barbie Corvette & Barbie Purse Set

Just like that the:

Barbie Blossom Bash

Mission was birthed to bless someone in the community & raise fundraiser awareness! I filmed an:


Then I got to flower arranging with my daughter, Glory.

I loved having her present as I was able to teach her through playful design. I also enjoyed the snuggles and her tiny helping hands!

This Barbie Blossom Bash idea really took off! I decided to step into this floral frenzy early Friday morning, quickly shot an inFUNmercial, did the work of designing, and then hit the road to find someone to bless.

Decision to delivery was under 10 hours! 

Execution mode is the ultimate cheat code.

That afternoon, the kids had a Pokémon event at our local library which doubled as a great spot to find someone to bless. I thought of blessing a mother-daughter duo with the Barbie Blossom Bash, but didn’t know if it would happen. I dashed to the library, enjoyed the Pokemon event, and then prayerfully walked around the library with florals in hand. 

As I stepped into the children’s library, I noticed a woman and young girl studying at a table. I approached them and learned that they were a mother- daughter duo catching up on homeschooling work. I was amazed to see how the Lord moved. Leftover flowers from my floral class with homeschooled students were being used to bless a homeschooling family! Wow!

I am so thankful for the opportunity to partner with the Holy Spirit in loving others! 

I invite you to join me on this mission to “Make Room To Bloom & Grow On An Adventure”.

This post has been made in support of my:

Lake County H.O.U.S.E. Floral FUNdraiser

Consider making a contribution that is worthwhile if this post made you smile.

Make Room To Bloom,

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