Floral Design Session: Make Room To Bloom

There are some assignments that are so:

One Of A Kind

That the end results beautifully expand your mind. That is what I experienced with the:

Floral Design

Session that I led for the LHOUSE Co-Op Students. 

I enjoyed sourcing materials for this two part session that included a floral egg carton craft & playing with fresh flowers.

Thank you Wildberry Libertyville & MOPS Libertyville for donating egg cartons!

One of our homeschooled students was so excited that she joined me in being fashionably floral.

I enjoyed planning and preparing for this session as flower arranging has many mental health benefits.

Creating with flowers is mood improving, boosts brain function, and reduces stress.

Our meeting space was transformed into an art studio for this 2.5 hour mindful experience.

In this session, students were exposed to floral design basics and created a playful arrangement.

Students used:

Toys & Household Items

as floral vessels. This was a welcomed twist. They used fondue pots, an oatmeal cannister, transportation toys, and even an ice cream maker to hold their blooms!

The arrangements they created were stunning! 

I am continuously amazed by their creativity.

These students have a growth mindset and are incredibly talented! 

I am so thankful for everyone that supported the session by supplying materials and financial support. I set out to fundraise $500 to help cover the cost of the session as I did not want this floral design session to be a financial burden on families. I am pleased to share that we:

Hit The Mark

The co-op and I are grateful for all of the generosity! We are continuing to grow on adventures with our students and invite you to join the mission to “Make Room To Bloom & Grow On An Adventure”. Although, our goal has been met we still have a lot of field trips planned for the rest of the school year. Funds received beyond our goal will cover field trips and speaker fees.

Consider making a contribution that is worthwhile if this post made you smile.

*The students featured in this post have been included with the consent of their parents.

Make Room To Bloom,

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