Galentine Find: Trends & Truth Designs

Happy Galentine’s Day! The annual reminder for ladies to celebrate their female friendships! I am so thankful for the girlfriends in my life, one of them being the sweetheart:

Jessica Rossi

Jessica is intentional and creative. She is a highly gifted jewelry designer. Jessica specializes in designing and creating polymer clay earrings that are hypoallergenic.  

She is the owner of:

Trends & Truth Designs

Jessica’s one of a kind earrings will have compliments constantly coming your way! Trust me, I’ve experienced it personally. I want all her earrings!

The Conversation Heart Dangle

is a proven conversation starter. I had to purchase these for myself!

I love how these earrings have 6 unique sayings.

They even match my daughters February Preschool Curriculum (Parent Cue).

This month at Chapel Kids Libertyville, Glo Glo is reflecting on all the things Jesus did while he was on Earth and how much he loves us! 

I look forward to incorporating these everyday moment prompts into my girl time with Glo Glo. They will help us have Christ centered connection and get in more snuggles & kisses!

To drive the mission home, I had to grab a pair of Truth and Trend Designs:

Lipstick Kiss Studs

These earrings are my fashionable reminder to K.I.S.S. :

Keep. It. Super. Simple.

Let’s have a girlfriend heart to heart with Jessica and learn more about her leap into jewelry design:

1. Why did I start Trends and Truth Designs?

“Christmas 2021, I bought a pair of clay earrings. I was impressed that they were handmade and cute, lightweight, so I bought 3 pairs and figured I could give a couple as gifts. Fast forward about 4 months, I was out to lunch with some friends. They noticed the clay earrings I was wearing and commented on how cute they were, and how they would “totally buy some.” Since we’d grown up together, they knew I was artistic and said “Jess, why don’t you make those?”. The thought stuck with me, and I began to think maybe I could. I asked God to bless this desire to make earrings that seemed to get stronger and stronger and had come out of the blue for me. You know those nights when you can’t sleep, and you’re up scrolling your phone against better advice? Well, I started looking up how to make polymer clay earrings and was blown away by all that you can do with this medium. I was so excited to get started. I decided my birthday gift to myself would be to invest in some of the materials and see where it was going to take me. I spent the summer organizing and fixing up a little room in my house to use as a studio. With my daughter going to school full time, I had the space to work coupled with our families need for me to work but all I really wanted to do was create and design these earrings. While I explored other work opportunities, I started doing what I love the most.”

2. What impact do you want your designs to have on customers?

“Honestly, I just want them to connect to my work in some way, whether it sparks joy in them, or makes them feel beautiful, comforted or even just seen as a person. I want them to use my earrings to lift themselves up or another person in their life as a gift that comes with it’s own kind of “fortune cookie”, a bible verse. I truly hope and pray that each bible verse that comes to mind as I’m designing the earrings will speak to the buyer in some way, sparking more interest in what God says about them, HIS truth for them, or even helps them to memorize that scripture verse by thinking about it every time they put on their earrings.”

3. How best for people to order from you, your Facebook page?

“Yes, right now I’m just selling through Facebook. I can also be contacted though Instagram.”

4. What are your favorite earrings from your current love collection?

“This is a hard one! It’s a tie between my black and white lace dangle with black rose stud and the light pink textured floral Calista shape dangles. Both are stunning for a night out! It was hard letting someone buy them!”

Jessica’s Personal Favorites

Gals, treat yourself to Trends & Truth Designs. Purchase a couple of earrings for yourself and your girlfriends to celebrate Galentine’s Day!

Keep up with Jessica on Trends and Truth Designs Instagram

Step Into The Spotlight,

*Featured jewelry photos provided by Jessica Rossi

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