Valentine’s Day 2023: Make Heart Art

The day of love is here! Let me be the first to wish you a:

Happy Valentine’s Day

I am thrilled that you popped over to this rom post!

Our homeschool co-op recently hosted a fun:

Valentine’s Social

To prep for the occasion, the kids and I considered buying a Valentine’s Box kit for the card exchanges. Hobby Lobby had cute options, however, I was not willing to pay. Which means:

Invitation For Creativity

I had some basic boxes laying around the house and gave them to my boys to decorate. I thought they would do the minimum and put some stickers on them. After all, we were creating them the morning of the shin dig. They went above and beyond by creating their own take of the Hobby Lobby Valentine Box kits. We all entered a:

Creative Frenzy

I love when that happens! Just a few basic materials on hand to do our thang.

Caleb created his own take on the…can you guess it?

Gumball Machine

Elijah created his own take on the…..drumroll…. :

Popcorn Bag

I decorated boxes for Glo Glo and I using heart stickers and craft kits from church.

The LHOUSE Co-Op Valentine’s Social was groovy! I brought my bright red mini boom-box so we can jam out. Gotta play the classics!

We made:

Heart Art

Using shaving cream, paint, and toilet paper tubes!

The kids creations were beautiful, especially their Valentine’s Boxes. So much artistry!

The food was yummy too -> pizza, sugary drinks, and sweet treats.

Yep, the kids were bouncing off the wallz after, but shoulder shrug the room was filled with:

Lovely Laughter

I love our meetups because I get to tap into my inner child. I create too! While I was crafting I looked down at the paper I was using to mix paint, look at what I accidentally created:

I laughed and thought “ Oh My”. So you be careful in these sheets this Valentine’s Day (& all the days). If you want to be cautious consider Netflix & Chill’n by watching “You People” directed by Kenya Barris. It’s a wisnome fashion forward rom-com!

You’re Hard To Resist,

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