A Real Living Doll

The “let’s move beyond the mold” fashion feature is here! This look inspires us to:

Break Barbie Boundaries 

Be the woman who authentically shows up.

Be the woman who isn’t trying to be the perfect buttercup.

Be the woman who recognizes that sometimes you have to cause an:

Upset To Properly Reset

I confidently rock Barbie because my grandma told me I’m a:

Living Doll

A real woman that gets dolled up despite all that comes with livin’.

I’m Not Barbie

You cannot package up my essence in plastic.

You cannot program me to say what you want me to say.

You cannot pull me apart limb by limb.

I’m a woman that assertively uses her voice. If that provokes you to call me a B*, then make sure you categorize me as:

Boss B*

Watch me switch walk off the disrespect set in 4 inch heels to properly heal.

No Big Deal, I Got Major Deals

This living doll doesn’t live for the highlight reel. I feel all the feels while overcoming hate & building out my estate.


Because my darling doll of a daughter’s birthright includes eating off the fanciest plates.

If you are interested in purchasing this Barbie sweater visit the Target clearance section. There are slim pickings left. I love how this sweater features women of different shades and hair types! All stunning!

Don’t Rag On This Living Doll, 

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