About Me

Thank you for desiring to know more about me, Mrs. Lonisa Johnson, a God dependent woman that shops a lot.

I love the shopping adrenaline rush and magical experience of shopping with girlfriends!

Blurting out “ Ooh look what I found”, “Yass gurl get it – YOLO”, and the random “ What’s going on in your world” girlfriend talk. This is often called retail therapy, but tell me who is there if you find your account EMPTY AF from overspending?

As the Keith Sweat song goes “ NOBODY”!

Just kidding – Jesus of course , but possibly an overdraft fee or credit card bill too. 😦

Having light bank accounts and heavy clothing racks – this is not a situation that I wish on anyone.

Lo Thrift, Hi Style is a space that challenges women to fashionably live below their means while keeping the much needed ” real world” heart to hearts.