About Lonisa

Hi! Thank you for being curious about me – Lonisa Mari. I am on a journey of discovering my self-limiting beliefs and eradicating them with truth & love filled action. I believe that each of us are filled with talents that are to be nurtured through our individual forms of self love and shared to encourage others to do the same as they journey along. I believe that we are all spiritual beings on individual soul missions. I believe that it’s what inside of us that matters. I believe that you don’t know a person’s inner make up until they have been ignited through heat. 

Imagine a stick of incense. 

When you get it out of the box it’s dusty & smells good. The scented outer residue serves only a few. That room filling – what you got in there aroma is activated after a gentle burn & a blow. As the incense begins to glow, the scented smoke twirls to consume the container it’s in & floats up to the heavens. Those passing by the space see a light & get touched with a whiff that triggers curiosity. As the slow burn continues, the parts that have been burned and are no longer of service – fall off leaving behind a trail that is filled with adventurous tales. Each tale has an outer memory case packed with feelings that can be poked at to heighten one’s self awareness and to inform one’s present day choices. As we journey and apply our individual lessons learned from the slow burn we continue to serve and repeat that process until our soul’s burn time is reached and we transition back home. While my soul stick is burning:

I aspire to light this motha suckaaaa up with God’s Love & fully serve others with my God given skills and talents. Sharing my lessons learned from the burns and encouraging those I meet along the lightway to own their glow.

I appreciate you taking the time and energy to learn more about my heart.

Be Encouraged,