Curating a Comfortable Maternity Wardrobe

There comes a point in pregnancy where you crave 24/7 comfort. You just want to wear fabrics that make you feel cozy. I am entering the third trimester and felt a strong urge to get some sweats (jogger pants) that would carry me through to delivery. So I made an attempt to secure the Adidas X Ivy Park Drip 2 gear. I had my e-cart all ready to go with an ungodly amount of drippage – the line opened &

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Fall Maternity Outfit: Styling the Full Length Skirt

I was laying on my office couch staring out the window when I saw leaves beautifully falling from the trees in great numbers. This triggered me to rummage through my reseller bin for a full length skirt I previously thrifted. It has a richly colored leaf pattern that matches the fall season perfectly.

The skirt is not a “maternity” item by category, however

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How to Wear a Mini Dress While Pregnant

Girl, Yes! You most certainly can rock a mini dress while pregnant! One of my favorite lounge dresses is a thrifted Athleta Black V-Necked Topanga Dress. I wore it all the time before getting knocked up – so I figured why give up now!!! Allow those extra curves and thick thighs to elevate the sexy mamacita-ness! My strategy is:

Wear the mini dress til’ seams start snappin’ & the baby starts clappin’!

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