Event Recap: Floral Mindfulness Class

There is nothing like the feeling of:

Serving the Community

This “Water Wednesday” I am highlighting an opportunity to serve educators that filled my heart to overflowing. In 2020, educators poured out all they had to guide students through the sudden virtual learning switch – leaving many educators in need of mental health wellness support.

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Trader Joe’s Yellow Rose Arrangement

Hi Friends! A ray of sunshine is conveniently located on my kitchen table! I understand that “sharing is caring” so I have done my best to capture the beauty for your enjoyment. I hope it makes you smile. Items Used: 2 dozen yellow roses $11 (Trader Joe’s) 10 filler stock stems $4 (Trader Joe’s) 1 Pitcher $2 (thrifted) When arranging flowers please don’t feel that you have use an official vase. Arranging is an art. To bring structure to the arrangement I used tape to make grid boxes . Blessings, Lonisa Continue reading Trader Joe’s Yellow Rose Arrangement